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Coming Clean

~Merry Christmas Everyone!~

Coming Clean: The Green Day Slash Community

Seventeen and strung out on confusion trapped inside a roll of disillusion I found out what it takes to be a man mom and dad will never understand

Secrets collecting dust but never forget skeletons come to life in my closet I found out what it takes to be a man mom and dad will never understand what's happening to me

Seventeen and coming clean for the first time I finally figured out myself for the first time I found out what it takes to be a man mom and dad will never understand what's happened to me
-Coming Clean, Green Day

~Merry Christmas Everyone!~

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Mikey Gee

Title: Our Special Relationship
Author: m_j_47
Raiting: R-NC17
Pairing: It's in Adrienne's POV about Billie/Tre
Disclaimer: It's Chrissie Eve, Don't sue me!!!
Notes: I'm sleepy as fuck, This story took a whole 30 mins to write, but It was something I thought of on the way to work this morning. Oh and Merry Christmas Everybody!


I’m lucky. I know that. I’m married to one of the most desirable men in the world. Haha, makes me laugh to just think that. Little ol’ Adrienne, marrying the king of punk rock. But there was a time when Billie Joe wasn’t the King Of Punk Rock. He was just Billie Joe Armstrong – Struggling musician. With stunning green eyes. And an arse to make any woman jealous. Ahem, anyways, while our first date is something I will always remember, it was our second date I remember so clearly in my head.

Billie Joe took me out for pizza. Not romantic I know. But after, we walked down the beach and sat at the end of the pier, overlooking the moonlight water.

Billie placed his hand on mine and smiled adoringly.

“Adrienne” he whispered. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

My heart was racing.

I looked into his eyes. Those bright green sparkling eyes.

“I, I, I’m a bisexual.”

He looked away from me quickly, as if expecting me to be disappointed with him.

I reached over, placing my hand on his cheek, turning his face back to meet mine. And I kissed him. Our first real kiss.

That was all we ever mentioned about that again. It wasn’t that I was ashamed or that I cared really. But I didn’t want to know how far Billie had gone with a guy, just as I wouldn’t want to know how many times he had slept with his last girlfriend.

It was a whirlwind romance I guess. Very full on. Breaking Up. Getting back together again. It was hard with the guys touring, I always knew it would be. But I loved Tre and Mike like they were brothers. And I trusted Billie Joe with my heart and soul.

The day we married was and always will be the happiest day of my life. Our first kiss as husband and wife was mind blowing and I knew from that moment on, we were and always would be soul mates.

We always promised each other, no secrets. So late in 2000 when Billie told me he had something he was ashamed of, but wanted to tell me, I wasn’t overly surprised.

It was a cold winters day, the rain was drizzling softly outside. The fire was burning in the living room and the boys were both out. Billie sat me down on the sofa and sat down next to me, before jumping up again, pacing the room.

“Sweetie, you’re gonna put a hole in the carpet in a minute” I laughed.

Billie’s face remained expressionless.

“You remember when I told you I was bisexual?” he questioned.

I nodded in silence.

“Well, I’ve never acted on this before. I mean, I’ve kissed a few guys but I’ve never, well ya know.. slept…”

I cut him off. “I don’t care what you have and haven’t done baby. It’s us now.”

Billie chewed on his bottom lip softly. “Yeah, that’s it.” He came and sat next to me once again, placing his hand on my thigh.

“Adrienne, I love you with my heart and soul. But, I also think I love someone else.” He paused and I felt my heart fall. My eyes welled up with tears.

“Who?” I questioned. I was ready to kill this bitch.

Billie looked down nervously to the floor.

“B, Billie?”

He looked up, his eyes filling my soul with lust.

“Tre,” he whispered. “I think I love Tre.”

People always ask me if I hated Tre when I found out, but I just laugh. If you know Tre, you know it’s impossible to stay angry with him. To be honest, I was glad that it was Tre of all people. While Billie could have been having it off with any random groupie, he chose his band mate, his best friend.

Billie Joe and I decided that if our marriage was to survive, Tre and I needed to be part of his life. Without either of us, he couldn’t survive.

The first time I saw Billie kiss Tre was….lets say unusual. I always thought I would get freaked out, maybe realise what we were doing with our “sharing” of love wasn’t right. Instead, I felt love for not only Billie but for Tre. I loved the way he made Billie smile, and the way that when they stared into each other’s eyes, it was only them in the entire world, nobody else even existed.

Tre would blush insanely when I caught them. I would just smile approvingly and make myself scarce.




Billie Joe never mentioned to me about them having sex. To be honest I just assumed that they were.

But when Billie and Tre sat me down and told me they wanted my approval before they did anything, I was astounded. It really ment a lot to me, to know that these two men cared enough about me to ask my approval of what they did in their own free time.

I told them I didn’t mind, as long as the children weren’t around. They were, and still are, too young to know what was/is happening.

It was about 3 months after that little chat that I came home from work early. I saw Tre’s car parked in the drive and really didn’t think that much of it.

Throwing my bag on the couch, I shuffled upstairs where a warm shower and a clean change of clothes sounded more than inviting.

As I reached the top of the stairs I heard moaning. My immediate thought was that someone was hurt so I quickly made my way to our bedroom, pushing the door open silently.

Instead, I saw my husband, spread eagled on our bed, with a naked Tre Cool, pumping his dick wildly inside his arse.

I’d never seen Billie look so aroused, his cock so hard, it looked like it was ready to fall off any second. His hands gripped the sheets, his eyes slammed shut in his head. He was panting and moaning loudly now. Tre was grunting, forcing himself in harder and harder.

I don’t know why I didn’t just turn and walk out, but something made me stay put, watching their erotic little show.

Tre threw his head back with one final thrust, spilling himself in Billie. Billie pushed back on Tre’s cock one ultimate time before cuming all over himself and the younger man’s chest.

The panting of the two men still rings in my ears to this day.

I watched as Tre slowly removed his now limp dick from Billie and fell carelessly on top of him. Billie kissed his neck gently and rubbed his hand casually over his back. Tre lent up and kissed Billie’s lips softly before rolling over… his eyes landing directly on me.

I smiled softly as the look of horror on Tre’s face deepened.

“Just need to grab some socks,” I muttered before walking back to the bathroom for an icy cold shower.


Lets just say, I’ve “accidentally” walked in on Billie Joe and Tre many a time now, but that’s another story.



Comments are my friend.. after last story I wasn't sure if I was going to post any more but gah, it's too much fun not too! And besides, its Chrissie, MAKE ME SMILE :-)

  • (no subject) -
    • hahahaha thank you!
      Yeh, if i could trade places with ANYONE for a day, i reckon it would be Adrienne Armstrong.. ESPECIALLY if she finds THAT waiting in her bed! ;-)
  • It's was HOT. Great job.
  • I am so insanely jealous of her lol.
    Very good! Different, I like it!
    • Not your typical Adie/Billie relationship... but sounds good to me ;-)
      Thank you for commenting *hugs*
  • i think you should write a threesome...

    okay i'm a pervert...

    I loved it, twas awesome!
    • I second that motion.

    • hahahaha you have NO IDEA how bad i wanted Adie to join in on their little GAME, but i figured as this is a boy/boy community i would get shot! but hey, sounds good to me :-)
      • i wouldnt shoot you!! *protects you* i'll be your body guard! :D

        i think there should be a threesome... adie is pretty hot and with billie and tre aswell! that's a whole bunch of hotness going on!
        • Foshizzle!!!! I think Adrienne is the only woman I would turn lesbian for lol! She is not only stunningly beautiful, but smart as well. Billie Joe is a VERY lucky man to have her in his life!!!
          OOOOO and I've always wanted a security guard... *rushes off to write threesome!* ;-)
  • (no subject) -
    • Merry Christmas honey!
      Love you loads and loads!

      P.S. Ladies and Gentlemen... If I was a lesbian, this is the woman I would wanna go :p mwahahahahahhaha
  • Hehe... I enjoyed reading it! :D
  • OH MY GOD. I absolutely LOVED it. And I love YOU! Adrienne is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world and this fic just made me love her even more. You really outdid yourself on this one! The idea was very original and I'm SO glad you wrote it! ^_^
    • Awwwww thank you sweets! You've just made my day! *giggles*
      • Aww, YAY! I'm so glad honey! ♥ And I'll make yours soon enough because I've got FICS in the works!! :)
  • lmfao lmfao THAT SO AWESOME...-sigh- i know how she feels..i would like video tape it!
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